Monday, January 27, 2014

How The BLACK Dating Game Really Got Fucked Up

Trust me our white and Latino counterparts aren't experiencing such woes. Things like community pussy, body counts and 200 dollar date isn't stopping their love lives from flourishing.

The thirst, simping, the professional daters, and the screen shot. Yeah, that just about sums it up; blog over. Class dismissed.

Did you want some clarification with that?

Oh, you did?

Cool, I got you.

Once upon a time not long ago when people worn pajamas and lived life slow it was pretty clear cut when a boy liked a girl and vice versa. It was a time when you could actually display your interest in your crush and if she was feeling you it was reciprocated, but if she wasn't she'd let you know then you'd fade into the background. Can it be that it was all so simple then?

The Thirst
See "The Thirst" has always existed but the thirst card wouldn't get pulled until you kept trying your hand after rejection. Today if you say "hi" to a woman twice in an 8 hour span nigga you thirsty. Like 10 pictures on IG? Thirsty. Sent 4 text messages without get a response back? Thirsty and that might just get him a screenshot to her girlfriend captioned "look at this thirsty ass nigga". Call on the same day you got her number? Thirsty. Sent a "Good morning" text? That's cool. Sent a "Good morning" text and used more than one emoji/smiley face? He just might be thirstiest nigga on earth and he's probably a stalker. The entire labeling of thirst is out of control and men go out of the way not to be labeled as such. He's oh so cool and oh so laid back and nothing really excites him about you? That's because he's scared to show any emotion and interest then end up getting called thirsty.

The secret friend zone enforcer AKA the professional dater
A lot of men find themselves in the "secret friend zone" where they've been out on 5+ dates and still get church hugs to begin and end the night. Its women out here getting nights on the town, free meals and gifts whilst toying with the affections of men they have no interest in. This shit right here is one of the main factors in the decline of traditional courtship. This shit right here is the reason why a guy will hit you with a "Slide thru" text over a "Can I take you out tonight?" text. This shit right here distorts the line between legitimate interest and a bitch in search of a free meal.

Simping - the act of saving hoes by spending cash; catering to the wants/needs of females in hopes of getting sex in return and/or buying affections

It's a thin line between simping and being a standup dude, especially these days, making it harder and harder to tell if you're doing the right thing or the simp thing. With that being said it makes it so much easier for a guy to be pseudo asshole than being genuine to his feelings. Sending flowers to a girl without a title, simping or being a romantic? The survey will probably say simping and depending on the interest level of the girl receiving the flowers she'll probably say simping and stick you in the secret friend zone. Dropping of lunch to the girl you're interested on her lunch break? Yep, its simping and she'll Instagram a picture of the food and leave you out of the caption "Lunch from Outback because sometimes I just need a steak". Going all out to win the affections of the girl you're interested (within reason) will probably end with your contact info on the block listed and her referring you as a stalker.

The screen shot
Technology has bought us several things to marvel at and several things to fear but nothing is more terrifying than getting beat down posted on WorldStar but that's immediately followed by an incriminating screen shot. I just felt a chill go down my spine just thinking about that shit. Most people don't keep as 100 as they pretend to. Right now some so called pimp player nigga is all up in some random girl text messages telling her how he can eat her ass like no other man can and make her left leg shake if she'd only would give him a chance. Of course he doesn't want any of this shared and neither does girl showing her inner hoe in some guys DM's. One can only hope that all the out of pocket shit said via electronic messaging never comes back to haunt them or worst Twitter gets a hold of it.  With that kind of pressure it's hard to find a cool and clever way to say "what that thang do" and avoid coming off like a clown. Some things will just be left off the table in fear of being exposed.

Yeah, the dating game ain't what it used to be
Jean DeGrate has spoken