Monday, July 12, 2010

And I wonder............

Sometimes I just sit around and ponder shit

I wonder what Danny Glover thinks about this new Mel Gibson foolishness. I mean he did 4 movies with this guy, it had to be some sign that he just might be a card carrying member of the KKK. And how many niggers are in a pack of niggers anyway?

I wonder why broke people have ring back tones like “Money to blow” or “I’m so paid”. Shouldn’t your ring back tone be more a reflection of you?

I wonder does Tiger Woods regret marrying a white ex-nanny. I’m not saying that black women are the bee’s knees but if he married Shamika that works at the 24/7 Day Care on H Street, she would be happy just not be a baby sitter anymore and out of the hood; Tiger could freely fuck all the Barbie looking chicks his heart desired.

I wonder do dead beat dads actually say “Fuck them kids, I’m doing me”.

I wonder how Rick Ross career survived stealing a man’s name (Freeway Ricky Ross Google him), working as a Correction Officer and beef with 50 Cent. This nigga might really be unstoppable. Furthermore I wonder what the real Rick Ross feel like when he introduce himself to somebody and say “My name is Rick Ross” and they reply “Like the rapper?”.

I wonder why women get upset when somebody says they wouldn’t fuck them. Women get to beefing when somebody ain’t down to date or crack them even if that woman would never date that man. (IE John Mayer and Tiger Woods)

I wonder what it would be like to be in a relationship with a woman with a famous baby daddy. I could almost imagine it... Coming home to a Maybach parked in your drive way, next door neighbor running up telling you that he thinks Swiss Beats is in your back yard playing catch with your step son. Walk thru the door and this nigga holding your remote control with his feet up on your coffee table. Every year his Christmas gifts shitting on yours, his family vacations shitting on yours and every time he pop up it’s like everybody pause.

I wonder what's it like to be a Mexican in Arizona

What do you wonder about?
Jean DeGrate has spoken