Monday, June 14, 2010

Things I’ve learned 2.0

Being considered sexy is a thousand times better than being cute.
Cute is a fragile state and can be shattered by the slightest thing i.e. if a girl thinks you are cute then catches you digging up your nos,e that shit is over.

If she has a tattoo on her breast it’s a strong possibility that it’s some heavy mileage on that pussy.

Women with big arms shouldn’t get tattoos on them they look like arm wrestling bikers.

Nodding, smiling and a occasional “oh ok” can get you thru most conversations.

Sex is great and when it’s with somebody you love it’s just as great, but the urge to put your clothes on and go the fuck home isn’t as strong.

There is nothing wrong with drinking alone, but there is something wrong with getting drunk alone.

People are a disappointment as a whole, if you expect it in advance, less of what they do seems to affect you.

Money isn’t the route to all evil; the stupid shit people do to get money is.

Some days you’re just better than others and it’s nothing you can do about it.

When all the work that is done to get sex is considered, that shit really doesn’t seem worth it so it’s best not to think about it.

Money can buy you happiness it just depends where you are shopping for it, but it can’t buy you love.

A gun is worth its weight in gold.

Only 3 guys in the history of man looked ok with a “U” cut Ben Franklin, Patrick Steward and Uncle Phil.

A dude is only wrong the 1st time he hits his girl, all ass whoopings after that she approved by sticking around to get them.

Good Samaritans exist; I never seen so many helping hands as I did when the snow shut down my city.

Always be leery of a dude whose watch cost more than his car.

Women are concerned with what society thinks of them.

Men are only concerned with what the women they are trying to fuck and the people that are paying him thinks of them.

30 in and still learning
Jean DeGrate has spoken