Tuesday, December 24, 2013

In The New Year

Normally around this time I'm telling people to refrain from claiming the New Year as theirs. I've been there, done that, so this year I'm going to give you a break. Instead of telling you want not to do I'm going to give some helpful suggestions of what you should do.

Be humble like your bank account
I know I know money isn't everything. Wealth won't buy you health and whatever cliché bullshit saying you can think of. All that shit is cool but money matters unless you are out here living out your dreams and that's putting food on your table. Chances are you're not. Money isn't everything but not having it is. Kanye taught us that.

Find happiness in yourself
This year I've come across a bevy of people that based their happiness on what others think of them, finding love and starting a family. These are things you can't ultimately control. Find your own passion. Find your own reason to get in the morning that's not dependant on people who have not yet (and maybe never will) make it into your life. Strive to be a better you for the satisfaction of self.

Be easy
There is lot of things that will potentially ruffle your feathers in the New Year just as it did this year. Some of the shit won't be worth your time or energy. Don't let the guy that cut you of on 495 set the tone for your day. Don't run around the office holding a grudge because somebody keeps leaving used K Cups in the Keurig. You've heard this before but don't sweat the small stuff. Giving a fucking about the dumb shit will steal your joy.

It's just Twitter, it's just FB and it's just IG
Seriously unless the stuff you're doing online brings you a check it's just a pastime. So just past the time there. If it's stressing you out log the fuck off. If people are being mean to you log the off. If somebody is posting more selfies than you care to see log the fuck off. Just like MySpace, Black Planet and any other social network of the past you can just walk away and don't look back. Life will go on I assure you.

Find yourself a HONEST friend and listen to them
A lot of people lack those that give it to us straight. More times than not, people tip toe around the feelings of their friends in fear of ruining a friendship and being considered a "hater". We all need somebody to get us on track when our dreams are bigger than our means and our wants start to overshadow our needs. Or at the very least tell us our outfit sucks before we go out to the club.

You might not be able to claim this year but you can make it better than the last one
Jean DeGrate has Spoken